Manoli Moriaty is a music composer and performer, academic researcher, and curator and producer of events. Based in Manchester, UK, his artistic practice is informed by themes of indeterminism and collective action, manifesting by utilising data sonification, unorthodox use of technology, and testing the relations between body, mind, and machine through interdisciplinary collaborations. The resulting works range a wide spectrum of mixed-media performances, generative-music live systems, acousmatic compositions, and durational installations.

An Athens-born adoptee of Manchester since the late 90s, Manoli’s earliest inclination gravitated towards the emerging rave culture. While studying architecture at the University of Huddersfield, he became involved with the local free-party scene. Paired with techno soundsystems, he traveled and performed at clubs, squats, and festivals across the North West and as far as Eastern Europe, and alongside like-minded individuals went on to establish Hit n’ Run and Illuminaughty, which became two of Manchester’s most popular independent club nights. At the same time, he completed studies on music composition & recording at the University of Salford, where his output focused into sound art practices under the supervision of Craig Vear.

His works have been presented at international music festivals and academic conferences such as ICMC, SMC, MANTIS, Supersonic Festival, Surge Festival, New York Electroacoustic Music Festival, and the Audiovisual Arts Festival of the Ionian Academy. He has been awarded funding by Arts Council England and IdeasTap towards creating new works, and by Sound and Music for his curatorial activities as founder of the sound art collective Metanast. Manoli is member of the Hellenic Electroacoustic Music Composers Association (HELMCA) and Irish Sound Science and Technology Association (ISSTA), and is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Salford researching interactive composition and collaborative performance under the supervision of Jo Scott and Stephen Kilpatrick.

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